Beautiful necklace designs for your dream wedding

Temple Jewelry by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Gold Jhumkas,layers of Necklaces and a Mathapatti.

Wedding Necklace is an essential part of the Indian Bridal Jewellery. However deciding on the perfect necklace is tedious. To make this a little easier, now you can select a mesmerizing Necklace and wedding jewellery at ease, without any hassle right from the comfort of your home.

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Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry

“Every Sabyasachi piece is lovingly, painstakingly and deliberately created by skilled artisans using the highest degree of craftsmanship, quality, devotion and care. At Sabyasachi, artistry, creativity and quality are paramount. Each handcrafted object is unique, special; the making of which involves years of learned skills, passion, enthusiasm, commitment, sincerity and which reflects a living heirloom culture.” [click here for more designs]

Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry with Pearl Drops and Uncut Diamonds

Talwar Jewellers 1954

“Talwar Jewellers passionately pursues its quest for new masterpieces to express its tireless creativity and its inimitable vision to bring out luxury jewels. The stunning beauty and intricacy of each design is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship. The guiding belief at Talwar Jewellers is to make each masterpiece not only a thing of enduring beauty but one of lasting value and magnificence.” .” [click here for more designs]

Classic Extravaganza Heavy Necklace in Gold

Ramesh Chandra Parekh Jewellers

“Ramesh Chandra Parekh was founded on the principles of quality and purity. Believing that quality is not just in the substance that they provide but it is also enhanced by the authentic craftsmanship that seeks to satisfy the desire for simplicity. Customising their jewellery designs and patterns according to the customers needs they have stunning jewellery pieces which are ultra light in weight.” [click here for more designs]

RCP’s discerning Jadau & Gold jewellery

Khurana Jewellery House

“At Khurana Jewellery House, their raison d’être is to make every creation a timeless jewel and this is what defines their desire for precision and perfection in every aspect of their craft. As North India’s leading jeweler, they take great pride in offering an unparalleled retail experience that takes into consideration their every customer’s unique needs and preferences. Khurana Jewellery House is a name synonymous with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs and superlative product quality.” [click here for more designs]

All-Polki Jewellery from Nizaam Collection

Umrao Jewels

“The Umrao Jewels name has always been the benchmark of excellence in fine jewelry. The Umrao Jewels designs have an imaginative flare that draws on classic techniques, But translates into uniquely imaginative jewelry of the highest quality, renowned for its inimitable and distinctive nature. The pieces are unique with a perfect blend of design and craftsmanship. Quality workmanship , a boldness to experiment with new techniques in manufacturing and innovation in its design have distinguished us from the onset. “[click here for more designs]

Fine handcrafted Choker with Diamonds, Polki and Pearls

Moti Jewels Palace

“For greater than a century, Moti Jewels Palace has evolved into a name that is synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, intricate designs, unparalleled finesse and exquisite beauty. Even today, our jewellery designs are hand-crafted in accordance to our client’s needs and specifications. All jewelleries are original pieces of work by virtuoso craftsmen who themselves have been practicing their art for generations.” [click here for more designs]

Bridal Necklace with Polki, Precious Stones and Gold

Chheda Jewellers

“A trusted name among its patrons for decades, our collections continue to adorn the pride of place in many grand occasions. Apart from Antique, Gold, Jadau, Swarovski, CZ and Diamond Jewellery, CJ crafts and houses exquisite Bikaneri, Filigree, Kathiyawadi, Meenakari, Haath Nakshi, Painting, Fancy, Fusion and Modern collections. Our bridal & fashion array of jewellery is vast, comprehensive, unique, and modernized in every possible way!” [click here for more designs]

Exclusive Jadau Choker Necklace

Kalyan Jewellers

“Having ventured into jewellery retailing in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, India, where we are headquartered, we have 133 showrooms spread across India and GCC.  Indian jewellery, its craftsmanship and variety is an amazing showcase of India’s heritage, culture and diversity. With a deep understanding of local tastes and preferences, Kalyan offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs in gold, diamonds, precious stones and other precious metals.” [click here for more designs]

Gold Bridal Necklace from ‘AddTheKalyanSparkle” Collection

Chawla Jewellers

“Winning the trust and patronage of customers, the company has grown from strength to strength over three decades. The Chawla Jewellers legacy is a three-decade old one, adding the magical sparkle of diamond, gold, polki-kundan and platinum jewellery to the lives of our valued patrons. Offering excellent craftsmanship, high quality standards and an exhaustive range of classic and contemporary designs available across three stores located at New Delhi. Apart from ready-to-wear jewellery, we also create bespoke jewellery design services. ” [click here for more designs]

A masterpiece in Gold, Diamonds and Precious Stones for a Grand Wedding

Khanna Jewellers

“Khanna Jewellers is the house of awe-inspiring fine jewellery that infuses tradition with creative, contemporary energy. The brand is proudly and firmly rooted in tradition, with a legacy of over 65 illustrious years. Art, creativity, exploration and innovation find rare, exquisite expression at Khanna Jewellers. Playing with renowned and celebrated traditions of Indian workmanship and the breath-taking aura of priceless gems, every collection is conceived with great thought, developed with meticulous detail and enriched with our flair for modern artistry. ” [click here for more designs]

Fine Jadau Jewellert in Pearls, Diamonds and Emeralds

Tyaani Jewellery by Karan Johar

“Tyaani Jewellery is focused on providing the Indian woman with affordable, wearable Polki Jewellery. To this end, Tyaani, controls the entire process right from design and manufacturing, all the way to the final distribution. This industry is a highly fragmented disorganized market place, and Tyaani is striving to bring order and transparency to the chaos. Thus giving rise, to a whole new way of doing business – protecting the end consumer, while enabling the artisan.” [click here for more designs]

Pearl and polki Long Necklace with the Stud Earrings from Tijori by Tyaani Jewellery

Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur

“Each piece of jewellery represents a unique journey that beholds a deep-rooted cultural heritage of Jaipuri ‘meenakari’. Inspired by elements from Rajasthan, colours from nature and a refined minimalistic aesthetic, Sunita Shekhawat has a distinct signature that compliments both classic and modern style. Crafting of these extraordinary masterpieces by highly skilled artisans is truly a journey of passion and skill. Completely handmade, these objects of desire pass through many hands as they are sculpted, painted and engraved. ” [click here for more designs]

Padmapriya Collection – Set on a Neckpiece of 22ct Gold base, embellished with Polkis, Emeralds and Lotus inspired Meenakari

Jadau Jewellery by Falguni Mehta

“For over decades now, Falguni Mehta has been designing jewellery for Mumbai’s elite. To pair unique jadau styles with pearls and create distinct heirloom pieces is one of her best known skills. The collection, a line of versatile pieces, has detachable features that can be played mix and match with. Setting precious materials like gold with uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds and exquisite basra pearls, the collection comprises kadas, necklaces, bangles, earrings and mangtikkas. ” [click here for more designs]

Jadau Choker crafted in uncut Diamonds and Pearls

On that note, we would leave you with the wide range of our Jewellery Collection to choose from, Happy Selection !

‘I don’t want to be a Sabyasachi Bride’ – said no girl ever. So here’s the latest Jewellery trend, that Deepika Padukone wore for her dream Wedding – a Choker with Pearls and Emeralds. Do let us know what’s your style and pick for the upcoming wedding season, in the comments section below! Over to you.

Heavy Emerald Choker with matching Earrings & a long Pearl Necklace


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