Weddings are solemn yet a joyous celebretion of love and union of the bride and the groom. It is the dream of every bride to look like a queen adorned with carefully crafted jewellery that is a perfect match to her features and her personality. The 102 year old legacy of the Kalyan group swears by the spirit of craftmanship and the symbolism of Indian bridal jewellery. The group’s ancestors were from a saintly background. They lived in an ashram on the banks of the Thrikkur river.

The group’s first business venture was inspired by Dewan T. S. Ramachandra Iyer’s belief that “Indians should start business enterprises to make the nation self-sufficient and create employment”. Kalyan Group started a textile mill. Eventually, the group got into textile retailing through Kalyan Textiles which the stalwart of the family, Sri.T. S. Kalyanaraman, the M.D. and Chairman of Kalyan Jewellers owns to this day. 

Sri. Kalyanaraman and other family members were frequently approached by longtime customers with the suggestion to include jewellery in their establishments, thus predating the vision of an integrated shopping experience almost two decades before its modern existence.

In 1993, T. S. Kalyanaraman decided to enter the jewellery trade. Today, Kalyan Jewellers has established its presence across all major markets in South India, Maharashtra, Gujarat, National Capital Region (NCR) and Punjab. Presently, it has a network of 100 exclusive showrooms in India and 12 exclusive outlets in West Asia – including 9 in the United Arab Emirates and 3 in Kuwait. It employs over 8,000 people and has a focused approach on employee engagement and satisfaction.

The extensive national and international reach of their Indian jewellery is because of the finery of craftsmanship, the availability of variety of high quality precious metals and stones, and their interest in the revival of the art of ancient Indian jewellers.

Posted below is an image that presents their latest offering, Tejasvi – a collection that offers a window into our illustrious past. Handcrafted by Rajasthani artisans, the brilliance of uncut polki diamonds in the ‘Tejasvi’ collection is emphasized by the contrasting use of colored stones like emeralds, rubies and pearls integrated into unique designs.

Their jewellery collection is an array of radiant and sophisticated styles, because they believe brides deserve nothing but the best and the rare. Recreating the styles of the queens of our affluent past their collection is as rich and regal as it can get.

Be stunning, unbelievable, bewildering and exquisite with this pair of gorgeousness from their Tejasvi collection. Their fine craftsmanship in polki diamonds is the true definition of godliness.

Kalyan Jewellers has set industry-level benchmarks on customer experience, innovations and transparent pricing. Kalyan’s leadership position in the industry is defined by its customer-centric business model that includes many “firsts”;  The first to introduce BIS certification of gold jewellery, the first to introduce a customer loyalty program (currently has more than two million members), the first to introduce male brand ambassador in a category dominated by women,  the first jewellery brand in the UAE to launch a co-branded credit card with RAKBANK that offers ‘Goldback’ and the list goes on.

The Kalyan group revolutionized precious Indian jewellery. The loyalty of their clientele and their transparent brand image is sure to maintain their legacy in the present time and for many years to come.

This blue sapphire neck piece is perfect for a subtle day time look such as the ”haldi look”, ensuring these beautiful stones encased in gold are the only blues you feel before you tie the knot.

Kalyan Jewellers prides itself on building trust in their customers. After all, Kalyan Jewellers came into existence on the suggestion of Kalyan Group’s longtime customers. They compose the perfect concoction of trends and antique jewellery creating tailor made pieces to suit every type of Indian bride.

Keeping your memories alive with their timeless jewellery, Kalyan Jewellers crossed a landmark milestone of having opened 100 showrooms around the country in 2016. A touch of radiance of the perfect jewellery adds to the impeccable charm of an Indian bride and Kalyan jewellery has just the right appeal to make an impression that lasts a lifetime.





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