Gulnaaz By Tanishq

“Crafted with exquisite diamonds, these timeless pieces are inspired by nature’s cascades!”

Deriving its unique name by combining two distinctive words, ‘Tan’ which means ‘Body’ in English and ‘Nishk‘ is a gold ornament… Tan+Nishk = Tanishq. Tanishq as a brand, is justifying its name to the core by delivering beautiful jewellery enhancing the most wonderful creation of God – Woman !

Tanishq is a trusted Jewellery brand in India, a division of Titan Company, a company promoted by the Tata Group in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. It’s a brand name well-known with leading Bollywood celebrities endorsing the brand on big screens and making it a larger than life experience for the viewers.

This magnificent Necklace Set representing luxury, indulgence, and class. You can complete your bridal look with this stunning set that is synonymous to all these attributes !!

Adorn these resplendent and enchanting around your neck and see how beautiful you are, need no justifications!

With latest collection of jewellery using gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones and metals, Tanishq launches a new collection by a unique name every season and specially for the upcoming Wedding Season to inspire a new trend and leave a legacy behind.

The latest collection of Diamond and Polki jewellery ‘Gulnaaz’ is inspired by the flower ‘Gulnaaz’ that’s enchanting and astounding. Stay tuned as we move on with the aah-mazing and exquisite designs from this Diamond and Polki collection that’s ‘Classy and Fabulous!’

“Inspired by the Tree of Life”

“Through stunning craftsmanship, Gulnaaz presents Diamond and Polki jewellery that epitomizes the facets of a woman’s persona. Like the petals of a flower, they are each exceptional in shape, shade and sheen.”

“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that makes you feel unique!”.

Feel unique and admired in #GulnaazByTanishq

Take out the inner glow of yourself and see the magic when you adorn these beautifully crafted Diamond and Polki Jewellery and be the best version of yourself!

When you adore wearing gems and jewellery, you radiate good vibes only bringing out the inner charm and glow !

It’s time to shine and dazzle like these Diamonds by wearing these #GulnaazByTanishq jewellery collection and keep it safe in your treasure boxes for life!

Fashionable and attractive Diamond – Polki Necklace Set is all you need to complete your Bridal Ensemble and be a Perfect Bride !

One of a kind Diamond studded Necklace for adding that extra oomph and style to your glam look, leaving everyone picking up their jaws dropping on the floor !

It’s time to add glamour to your party look for getting that feminine and charming look, wearing these pretty Jewels composed of real enchanting Diamonds and Polki !!

Nature inspired intricate designs of this collection will leave you mesmerized and awe struck. The collection represents the majestic aura of today’s woman – incredible and stylish specially handpicked and curated by the Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone – the Brand Ambassador of Tanishq Jewellery globally.

After witnessing such gorgeous, delicate and intricately designed Diamond & Polki Jewellery Collection named #GulnaazByTanishq, inspired by ‘blossoming flowers’, head over heels to your nearest Tanishq Store today and bring home your favorites !


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